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whatever thesis work I have can and will have to wait until tomorrow. I am too busy enjoying my first wacom tablet. It cost me something scary (I am a finaid student afterall) but it is so worth it.

Finally, an end to constant pair of having to draw and scan each time I need to sketch something. Bonus is that it really do seem to help my poor right wrist as well. So yay!

In other news. My room is a tiny bit less messy. As in it is not a health hazard anymore and I can move from bed to table and to door without having to find tiny islands of flat spaces. I spent last 3 hours cleaning and reorganizing some stuff So now the books borrowed from the library have their own space on my desk. My bag from my trip to chicago is finally emptied,. suff is moved around so that no food is toiling around on the floor anymore and my board is actually hung. I did some experiments with masking tape and things seem to hold well so far.

Pictures taken with webcam. )

I also put on my contact lenses first time in months. (considering what the lack of contacts and glasses do to my eyes, another improvement) Yay Except my eyes are not happy from the screen + contacts combination at the moment.

Also, I now can use basic Latex.

I say today is a success. :)
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Last few days I have been catching these tiny brown ants on my computer, and on my hand I was thinking ohh it is the room. I get flying bugs, why not some ants crawling around in the room. So I didn't pay attention to it really. Today I was just eating another bagel when I saw one on my hand. I killed it, then another one 2 seconds later. I was like what the heck?

Then I notice my half eaten bagel, see tiny brown things crawling INSIDE it. I am not that squirmy but I dropped the bagel to the ground and it took me few seconds to get my senses together and get it, the remaining bagels and dump them promptly into the trash.

So I though, I really should not leave the food bags open even for few hours, funny through I never had this problem before with crackers laying around. Then I ran back to check my crackers which were open ALL day. The cracker on top, I see nothing. I will throw it none the less but... I think those brown nasties did come from the bagel.


I wonder how many of those little brown things did I eat. I am sure my stomach acid (especially with the help of extreme cola consumption) got better of them, but it is still...


arrrghh I am disgusted and annoyed. Unless I am making a big mistake here, damn you traders joe! How did they even survive the cooking?
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Foreboding feeling of doom.

It must be the spring or something

I don't want to study, so I don't. I have a CS304 homework due tonight midnight... wanna bet I won't finish it in time?
I haven't started yet, and neither do I want to start working on it. Way too tired.


Last month was a weird one. I am still trying to understand what came over me even through it doesn't seem negative at all: I started by cleaning my room, then I cleaned myself and started to clean my livejournal. There is so much I don't want to see there anymore. Past is past, I feel it was time for me to forget to move on. What I used to be was holding me down. Because people appreciated that, I wanted to stay that way even through I had decided to renew myself when I came to US almost 2 years ago.

I want to say: full circle. In past few weeks I have been haunted by fears. Fears of death, fears of death of loved ones, fears of getting old finishing this life. So many fears without any reason. Reminds me of 9th grade. Reminds me last time I was trying to get myself out of the pit. So weird, like deja-vu. Why does it happen? Why now?

Darkness, fear, happiness. Will the next stage be same? Is there another darkness after it?

Spring arrived quite late but even when it was freezing the air was already different. It is something different. Like a slight smell that makes me think of warmth and sun. It is hard to explain really, through it was weird to feel it while trying to step through hills of snow on the pavements. Anyway I came back from France to find out all that snow has melted. And outside my window now I see green, even when the leaves didn't make their appearance yet.


I am still confused about my trip to France. I was expecting familiarity: I found strangeness. It is not my place anymore: another reminder of how much I have changed without noticing it.


Bird chirping. So beautiful, so peaceful. It sucks to be stuck here with all of this homework. I swear next semester I am talking something like 2 art classes at least. I am having a computer burnout. I still love programming I just need a break. This semester is being too much.


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