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Many people who knows me well knows my attitude toward bigotry of any form, as benign as might look. There are reasons like this one that will keep me cautious and leery even all years later.

Turkey is better these days but not better enough. Not nearly better enough. You are less likely to get killed in such a showy way. Instead it is silent pressure in those small Anatolian cities. Disapproving glares, discrimination if you don't follow the rules. In some ways it is even more dangerous, since it is not so obvious, so out in the open.

The problem is neither the hicab, nor being devoutly religious. One can be devout while being very compassionate and tolerant. Similarly extremism is not synonym to religion. It can be any other ideology or identity. You don't need to be member of a terrorist organization to burst into hateful violence against those who do not fit into your world views.

It is the disrespect toward other people's choices and hatred that is the core, hiding under the ideology of the day, and the inability to understand that other ways of living is not threat to you or the sign of evil. This is unfortunately very hard to remove from a nation, and very easy to restore.


edit: looking more closely to the Wikipedia article, it simplifies the whole thing to an attack by religious extremists to a minority sect. It is a bit more complicated than that. It is an impromptu mob exploding over Islamic identity and against "heathens" in a all you can eat hate buffet: against alevis, against secularism, one of the catalysis being the presence atheist author (Aziz Nesin) in the earlier festivities.

If you have some time, youtube has a video documentary. While it might be not the easiest material to decipher for a foreigner since the the documentary was intended for a national audience with the some familiarity with recent Turkish history, not an international one, the subtitles are more then decent and the narrative gives a pretty good overview of the events and the context.

Anyhow, below are the links: 1 2 3 4 5.

edit (the videos and the event itself involves mention of extreme violence and video also have  a couple of gruesome shots).


Jul. 23rd, 2006 12:18 am
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There is a reason why I refuse to talk about what is happening in Lebanon. I have friends there. It tears my heart. And I know people from Israel too. Nothing is never black and white. I wrote this as an answer to a friend (from Lebannon)
"I't somehow doesn't fit. It is the only answer, only solution to end Hezbullah. But I think the question is: is it a solution at all? Because if this is correct, then wiping 9/10th all humanity is the correct way to end the famine. Hey it will work! But does the gain justify the cost?

Israel comes from a hard place too. Until now I did sempatize with them but this...
I think the term I am looking for is overkill. (and that is an understatement)
there are also adjectives like: wrong, ruthless (likeyou pointed out).

I wish you, your loved ones, and your country strength.
Strength to defend
Strength to overcome
Strength to rebuild

and eventually, the strength not to hate. For as long as there is vengeance, war will keep on going."

The problem is: How can you ask someone not to hate someone who is destroying your country. How can you ask that, when you are sitting in your home safe? When you are not the one who lived your whole life in war? How can you ask them to understand and accept their opponents?


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