Sep. 7th, 2009 01:45 am
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So, apparently while I was busy with my own life last week, the fan community went into a bit of a chaos.
The story involves

two so-called-researchers who are no longer really affiliated with BU

an homophobic, biased, and ethically dubious research that involves an online survey posted in several adult fanfic hubs, about sexual preferences and fanfic.

a transformative works (or fanfiction/fanart) community that is rightfully angry at being treated like freaks.

Below articles tell the story.

Fanlore Article about SurveyFail
The curious case of the game show neuroscientists, or how NOT to research an online community
Sex, Lies and IRB Tape: Netporn to SurveyFail

If you want more details, a link list is here:

SurveyFail Masterpost

Honesty I am not a writer, I don't even consider myself a blogger most days, so I am not even going to try to summarize the events in a coherent way. I haven't been there, and the links tell the story clearly.

However this is too horrifying to not mention. Gender issues aside, how can two Ph.D. graduates can come up with a "research" that is so ethically unsound and badly constructed is beyond me.

Several articles state that these guys are computer scientists, as if it is an excuse. It is not. Basic idea of how to conduct a user study of any form is something one learns in grad school. If you are dealing with human subjects you learn it, and more importantly you always pass it through an IRB committee, for good reason. I am a computer science grad student, MS, not even doctorate. I learned this from an undergrad class during my first semester.

I really hope these guys are two unusual cases and that there will be consequences for what they did not only within our field, but also legally,  that the data they have will not be allowed to be used, not even for a pop-psychology book.  For one thing there should be implications about doing surveys with minors without parental consent, especially when asking questions about subjects like rape fantasies, or even their sex lives or drug use, with no apparent safety protocols in place.

I really hope these guys are aberrations, because if not, I really don't know what that means about the credibility of computer scientists. In the mean time how did these two even earned the title "Dr." should be asked. I almost feel bad for BU at this point, they don't really deserve this kind of a PR nightmare.

Now we have to see what Penguin does, the idealist part of me wonders if they will rise above the petty greed and do the right thing and shot down the project.


Edit: Thinking more calmly, we do force students to take writing classes to learn how not to plagiarize. Action such as done by these two people can potentially hurt more people that breach of ownership might. Maybe a similar approach is required for human research and ethic as writing: undergraduates should be required to take an human subject research and ethics class regardless of their major.


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