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1:25AM - Thursday July 27
my laptop battery is in pitiful state so this will have to be pretty quick. A good portion of anatolian side of Istanbul seems to be dark. I can see from my house an area from Bostanci to Kadikoy and to Uskudar and there isn't a single hint of light in sight. Not sure if European side has it it either. The ads might have an energy backup: and there is no bass sound coming from Bosporus in this quietness I guess some outage did occur there too. Prince Islands are definitely gone. I don't think I've seen something of this huge scale in very long time. I dare say since the 99 quake through that one was bigger then that. I don't think this is half of Turkey like that one. I see some light pollution near the horizon on east and west so I am guessing something citywide. Last time when that happened was when a transformer burst up with green sparks (which resulted in a huge number of UFO sightings in the area). If anything happened in last three years, I don't know. I've been only here for quarter of the years. Actually outages has been pretty rare. Funny with laptops I can still have computer for an hour but the modem has no electricity so I have no internet. I'll post this later when we get back to civilization. One part of me through wants this thing to last until morning, so that I won't hear the guy in the mosque screeching. Seriously, there is that one muezzin that wakes up the whole town. I normally like their calling but this one is just too loud... Arghhh...

One nice side of power outage of this scale is that you get to see stars: a lot of stars. Despite the dumb school next to my house with its generator (which by the way has a low but annoying hum) that has pretty bright lights. So stars, I think I saw at least as many as I see at Whitin Observatory back at school. Pretty stars...

Hmm still no electricity. I wonder what they burst this time or is it the whole issue about the energy centrals needing to be closing and all that junk. Can I say this government particularly sucks? Like sucking above the average....

Okay it is 1:39AM now. 14 minutes since I started this entry and my laptop pretends it has been 1 hour and 30 minutes. So time to save this entry and turn this thing off..

edit: 2:19 end of power outage. And me heading to bed


autumnus: A purple monochrome portrait of Zoe from Dreamfall, with drawn stars in background and "the Dreamer" written on bottom. (Default)

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