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Its been a busy week, I have 10-12 paintings that needs to be done and at least 5 books to be read, so this post was supposed to not happen. I am not comfortable making this post: I am not a good writer and I fear that I am too frustrated to be coherent. I don't write this to put out new ideas anyway. Posts linked below pretty much summarizes already what I mean to say. I am writing to support: to underline that this isn't few outsiders trying to cause wank. There more of us. There IS a problem here.

long version )

The short version (for those who don't want to go through the cut)

You should read More on the OTW 2011 Board Election by [personal profile] starlady, OTW, or, I am exhausted by
[personal profile] renay and The value of constructive negativity by [personal profile] ira_gladkova

I am frustrated with what is going on concerning tone arguments flying around, and org culture of silence in favor of the illusion of everything going fine.

I'll be voting (assuming my membership payment went through in time) for Jenny Scott-Thompson, Julia Beck, Lucy Pearson and Nikisha Sanders.
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So, I have a new shiny android phone....

sans market app.

I cannot even install custom applications without resorting to sdk, let alone access the market.

I plan to yell at motorola for deceptiveness since the whole packaging does not mention anything about a key part of the android missing actually the whole manual in Turkish explains how to use the app, which is like: uh what? Not sure it will make a change granted. Honestly through, I am not sure I would have bought another phone since this one allows me to google map, browse internet and check emails. Lack of tweet app is irritating too but the point is... wtf?

Yeah I know jail breaking is an option, but do you know how annoyingly painful it is to actually manually install marketplace? not that rooting will be exactly cakewalk. Well if I decide to go with it, there is that service online that jailbreaks phones for you and puts it under their own guarantee. A bit sketchy but why not?

Mostly, I feel like an idiot.

In between transcript woes, my laptop fan prematurely dying a  slow death and this, January so far is like a series of unfortunate events.

but really. wtf?


oh and there is the whole thing about my bank of america account that was closed not being closed. I want to be able to spend a day off phone.
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I am trying to get a transcript from Wellesley. So.

*they don't accept credit card
*they don't accept cash! (huh?)
from what i can see they only accept check to pay

in terms of mailing. They don't accept fax requests. I am not sure they accept fed-ex even. 
I am almost sure they don't send stuff with fed-ex even if you pay for it. 
okay apparently they accept this: small miracles.

I need transcripts. There is no way for me to send them a check they can reliably cash (trust me, I have been told they would have to pay 100$ extra just to cash it. I am tempted to send it just for kicks). Even if I somehow get it to work it will take weeks to get back at me.

How on earth any international alumnae get transcripts from this place?


venting aside, so far I am trying to contact alumnae office, registrar and international office. Any other bright ideas?

PS: after I deal with this, the next challenge will be getting my diploma translated by a recognized translator. Ha! Finding one to translate from Latin: that is going to be probably interesting as well.

edit: so now I am being forwarded to the controller who is not on office. More updates tomorrow. :) 


Jul. 21st, 2010 12:50 am
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I disagree with AKP on many points. I do not feel safe either with the way they govern the country. I am going to vote no for the constitution amendment. However the 2 former points are not the related to the third.

why? )
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[personal profile] miera_c's  The list of excuses for debunking misogyny is thought provoking and there are several other posts made on the topic already. [community profile] metafandom has links.

Lets start by of some of the arguments from the list for not liking a female characters/het/femmeslash/gen

"I don't like female characters that are too violent/masculinized by being violent or physical."

"I don't like female characters that are too nice/passive/boring."

If male person said this to you in your work environment as a woman, what would be your reaction? Would you think that the person is just stating an objective opinion or preference or a fact about you or would you be thinking you are being discriminated against? 

Are we even aware that we use the same wording?

Continuing with some other arguments listed in the post:

"Why don't you just write what you like then and be happy?"

"It's not fair for you to judge me based on my fannish likes and dislikes."

"This isn't my problem. "

This is where the discussion gets scary. Some of these were actually in the comments to an earlier post. If these were written for a post about racism the people writing it would either not dare or would be quickly shut up/overwhelmed by replies, presented by bingo cards and generally yelled at. However same people who defend religiously against (and rightly so) race discrimination (or defend queer issues) stay mostly silent when the same arguments are used against talking about misogyny.

You want more proof that something is not quite right here?

Check how many people are even bothering to talk about the topic, the key part of it: the erasure of women in fan work. The het/slash is presented as a consequence/instance of a deeper problem, not as the problem itself. However if slash was not mentioned, would this have even made metafandom?

So what is the bottom line? Is it that it is okay to be liberal and defending against oppression in many forms but not gender discrimination?
Should we stop arguing, refining and criticizing further now that we are so open and progressive that we don't have faults?



and on a tangeant:  

Slash is not making us progressive. Slash is not making us not-progressive. The process of negotiating, questioning, critiquing social norms makes us progressive. Those social norms also includes our current culture of fandom and yes slash. Just because something is good does not mean there is nothing wrong about it (or vice-versa)

*waits for the yells in the comments*

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It is that time of the year. Time for stress, ugliness and meltdown. I will be okay I think. I am just scared of the false sense of security and not getting work done. There still is 2 weeks, there is still 1 week. Next thing you know it is the ultimate failure.

I have one poster to make, possibly a tech report due in 5 days time, code to write (that has a tendency to stick in my hands, dammit). I have another project with a presentation due. I have an exam this Thursday for which I haven't started to even read for yet. It is going to be a scary week.

There is a voice in my head that screams in panic.

There is also another one that is already blaming 'stupid' You got no work done this week. (I did work but only for few hours). However I cannot do this anymore. Weekends are mine. I cannot be this 7 days a week 20 hours a day person, I was for younger half of my life.

I am beginning to realize things aren't as good as I show them to be. I lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks. It is not that it is unwelcome, it is the fact that I suspect it is related to stress. I am okay, I believe I am okay. I am just a little insane and way too close to the border of giving up and going back into hiding. This 2 weeks are going to be an ultimate test. I hope I do succeed.

Okay enough. I haven't slept properly in 3 days again. Time to break the sleeping pill and put my life into order.

I can do this.
(I hope)


Oct. 11th, 2006 07:36 pm
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All social science classes should have an option between writing a paper and taking an exam. Even better would be to outlaw all papers assignments worldwide.

As an immediate measure, it should be forbidden to require a paper longer then two pages.

Thank you

*panicking over a six page paper due tomorrow morning*


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