Apr. 22nd, 2007 12:29 am
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I don't know what I was expecting when I bough the tickets for Loreena McKennitt concert that me, [ profile] mirrored_echo and Sarah just came back from. 

She was...

amazing doesn't quite cover it. Inspirational? Spiritual? I didn't know music could be like this. Emotions flew through the room. It was surreal and magical.

Few distinct moments I remember out of many:

Starting with "She moved through the fair". So hauntingly beautiful. Immediately switching to Gates of Istanbul suddenly revealing whole orchestra. Darker and equally haunting. beautiful.

"Highwayman", toward the end of it, you couldn't see a single person moving in the audience, but not in a relaxed sort of way. Everyone waiting for the punchline of the poem (no pun intended). and later when she sings the lines "Back, he spurred like a madman, shrieking a curse to the sky" it was just... so intense almost intimidating. That whole song just went over the top then some.

That followed by "Dante's Prayer", When she kept going "please remember me" I was ready to start weeping, heavy hearted. (anyone who knew me long enough knows my personal attachment that song, but even without that: there is just something about that vocal fading into background that makes it ethereal, like a ghost fading away...) To the point that Bonny Swans was a welcome relief. :) I now am a little glad she didn't play Cymbeline or Skellig: that could have been hazardous to the health.  (I would love to hear them through)

Lady of Shalott. How did she manage to give a happy ending to a sad ending song through an instrumental final. I could hear her rewrite the end almost. (maybe that was me imagining I don't know)

"Old Ways", toward the end of the song,  we were at the sea, hearing the waves rocking. The concert hall was gone I swear! How did drums and all instruments just stop playing music and became the sea and the storm I don't know but they just did.

"Never Ending Road". it just felt peaceful. Have never seen an emotion come across so clearly through a music. Maybe it was the amplification of a theater full people being moved but it was almost the music itself was charged with peace and calm. 

And some funny/personal moments:
Mummers Dance" beginning. 3rd song from the start. It took 2 notes for people to pick up and cheer. 2 notes, not more.

Me and Cid clutching to each other through Highwayman, then through another song ("Beneath a Phrygian Sky" I think)

"Santiago" where everyone started clapping. I stop after few beats after the guy next to me, something along the lines of: "oh no, you are not stopping you got me started". :D

"The Mystic's Dream" nothing to say except cloud 9.

Toward the end of the concert. LM just started playing this beautiful slow melody and a male voice from the balcony: "I love you babe!". Many people just lost it and started laughing.  I was actually amazed LM didn't miss a beat. It was funny.

edit: ohh btw. I sat on my purse so that I could be a bit higher and see the stage. I was carrying many stuff in it including a cd and my Ipod. Did everything survive the experience. this is yet to be seen. It is kind of embarrassing but how could I know the tickets would go so fast??
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I read the editorial thing for Danse Macabre, the latest book in the Anita Blake series. Overall it seems descent: one thing worries me through. They say "no final ending". if this means she is doing what she does in Merry Gentry I'll be very upset. In that other series the book just gets cut off where the story is nowhere near done. There was a yule ball that was announced at the second book as a week away. At the end of 4th book we didn't get to it yet. Ouch... The story doesn't move. The main caracter gets the more and more tangled in more reliationships and more guys a way that it just loses honesty.

I really really hope she doesn't go into same road with Anita Blake ones. The tangling issue happened in Incubus Dreams too. It just comes to the point that there is just too many guys connected to Anita. I feel she needs to lose some. It just doesn't work. I can understand a threesome, even a foursome. How you can be in love with 7? okay that is still possible but how can 7 guys fall in love with you and be faitful at you when you don't even let them have sex between themselves. I mean how can they be content with it? This is just not realistic at all. Some people says everything is going too good, that everything is going perfect. There has been lighter books like that in the series, followed by scarier ones, so I keep my opinion about it for now. Just as long as this smut episode doesn't last TOO long and she doesn't keep adding more and more metaphysical links. Okay enough of it, we have to settle up into this plateau a little.

I love the idea of Anita might be pregnant. It brings a fresh issue and a situation that might bring out fresh aspects of all existing caracters and the idea of Anita trying to be a mom is just too cute (and hilarious) for words. This is without even imagining what powers such a kid could have too. Hahaha.

Despite my reserve I am looking really forward to the book actually. I don't know how I will wait until the end of summer to read it. If they get a e-book out, I am buying it.


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