Jul. 21st, 2010 12:50 am
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I disagree with AKP on many points. I do not feel safe either with the way they govern the country. I am going to vote no for the constitution amendment. However the 2 former points are not the related to the third.

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Many people who knows me well knows my attitude toward bigotry of any form, as benign as might look. There are reasons like this one that will keep me cautious and leery even all years later.

Turkey is better these days but not better enough. Not nearly better enough. You are less likely to get killed in such a showy way. Instead it is silent pressure in those small Anatolian cities. Disapproving glares, discrimination if you don't follow the rules. In some ways it is even more dangerous, since it is not so obvious, so out in the open.

The problem is neither the hicab, nor being devoutly religious. One can be devout while being very compassionate and tolerant. Similarly extremism is not synonym to religion. It can be any other ideology or identity. You don't need to be member of a terrorist organization to burst into hateful violence against those who do not fit into your world views.

It is the disrespect toward other people's choices and hatred that is the core, hiding under the ideology of the day, and the inability to understand that other ways of living is not threat to you or the sign of evil. This is unfortunately very hard to remove from a nation, and very easy to restore.


edit: looking more closely to the Wikipedia article, it simplifies the whole thing to an attack by religious extremists to a minority sect. It is a bit more complicated than that. It is an impromptu mob exploding over Islamic identity and against "heathens" in a all you can eat hate buffet: against alevis, against secularism, one of the catalysis being the presence atheist author (Aziz Nesin) in the earlier festivities.

If you have some time, youtube has a video documentary. While it might be not the easiest material to decipher for a foreigner since the the documentary was intended for a national audience with the some familiarity with recent Turkish history, not an international one, the subtitles are more then decent and the narrative gives a pretty good overview of the events and the context.

Anyhow, below are the links: 1 2 3 4 5.

edit (the videos and the event itself involves mention of extreme violence and video also have  a couple of gruesome shots).

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How should Turkey react to rebel attacks? This is the question BBC is asking to their readers.
(to make sure everything is fair, here is another article that focuses to what has just happened, this one is from CNN: Dozens die as Turkey battles Kurdish rebels)

My classmates and friends have been asking to me about this. What do you think about Kurdish terror, what do you think about PKK? Why are they attacking now?

It is hard to explain. I am 23 years old. PKK existed for all my life, quite literally. (their taking arms happened in 1984). As with all political issues, there is no perfect black and white to the story. Did army during their coup d'etats repress Kurds. Yes they did. Were they the only ones who have been abused? No. It was a coup d'etat, the lack of human rights and freedom of speech goes with the definition. Did during the creation of republic they have been bunched into same category as turkish? Yes they were. That is what nationalism do.

I once talked to a Kurd guy at southern Turkey, I think we discussed two hours without a solution. He had grew up with soldiers questioning, threatening and sometimes torturing their family members to gain intel on the terrorists. I had grew up with bombs exploding everywhere and people dying (I'll get to that later). He said he sempatized with the PKK (kurdish independence party, or kurdish terrorist group depending on who you ask) even through he didn't always agree with their methods, because PKK always has been the only one who stood up for them. He also said to me there were good soldiers, generals who tried to do the right thing. Separate the PKK and civilians and not bunch up them to same category, but then there are others.

For me I really feel for Kurdish people. As a kid I've been taught through media that kurdish language was evil thing, symbol of PKK. I think of it now, how silly and ridiculous it is. This was back before 1997 before things were extremely strained. This was also a post coup d'etat Turkey where a lot of things were wrong. I like kurdish people, they have good food, their culture is being made into TV series (and is quite popular) I own a CD of their folk songs and it is one of my favorite. PKK? I have hard time putting PKK into same box. PKK is a terrorist group, that has been supported by the west. I don't get how they can think PKK defend them, when all they do is kill civilians and make a solution impossible.

I am Turkish, I don't want to see my country divided. More importantly, I don't want to see my country divided by something that suspiciously looks like a plan to separate water sources away from a country strong enough to sing her tune. Let's be clear about that point here, how much of PKK, or the powers behind it has to do with well being of Kurdish people?

So far I talked about politics and big pictures and big issues. Now let me talk about what it is living in a country that is being harassed by these bandits. 1995, I was eleven at the time, we would actually make rounds around the trash cans because each day a trash can exploded in Istanbul. It was a predictable part of the evening news, like weather forecast, every single day... Up to this day, you would notice there is no trash cans in touristic areas of Istanbul, only these bizarre flat stone things. Now you know why. I still jump when I see a full plastic bag sitting on a street or an abandoned backpack. An american, even after 9/11 would think: "somebody lost their bag" my initial reaction is to find the nearest guard or police and report the bag because I think "bomb". I have to, to survive. You might think, the recent attacks of PKK was only to soldiers in the east. No it isn't true. We keep getting news about failed bombing attempts in Istanbul. The only reason nothing serious happened so far is people are careful, and police is extra careful. There is bomb sniffing dogs on nearly every public transport in Istanbul nowadays I hear.

When I put it like this, it sounds like I lived most of my life in a thriller movie. It wasn't like it. I enjoyed my life, went where I had to. Wasn't terrified much but these small adjustments that a kid or a teenager shouldn't have to make, shouldn't have to think about (I realize that now), I had to make them, we, my friends, all did.

Those of you who live in USA, or who live in UK, or Spain or anywhere really, who went through those horrible attacks, think about growing in a world where things like that happened not just once but many times, that you learned to grow used to it.

Then you can ask me, why I think that Turkey should do a raid on northern Iraq, or why despise PKK. I have nothing against Kurds. We are human beings we can share a country right. I don't mind them living my country. It is their home. It is my home too. Neither do I blame any kurdish person for the atrocities that is happening in my country now. But PKK, something has to be done about it before more people die.

Sorry for the incoherent and long rant but I've had enough of this.

Deja Vu

Aug. 28th, 2006 03:16 am
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Blast in Turkey

Damn you! Damn you all!

It is frustrating, worrying, and most of all tiring. Tiring politicians who thinks it is okay to support under hand the terrorist groups so that a country can stay unstable and not become a power (yeah, western countries this is you I am talking about). Tiring the government let it come to this point because the stupid guys are too busy with their own religious propaganda and destroying what actually works. Tired of those who votes for them because they are too lazy to become more modern. Tiring that people in this country are blind enough not to see that history is repeating itself, and not propose an alternative solution (a central left party, a central right party? Something that functions that is not religious, uneducated, dumb or mafia. PLEASE???). And most of all, tiring to see even one soul in this country that thinks that terrorist groups is a good thing, after living most of last 20 years in what nearly was a civil war.

Turkey just wake up and do something about this bottom of the pit we hit. (and I am not saying a coup d'etat by the army. Overkill much?)

Rest of the world, just stop it. Didn't you learn yet that such games comes back and bites you in your behind?

Post not making sense much, neither does my mind at the moment.


Aug. 14th, 2006 12:52 am
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I am back from a restful holiday. Funny enough I don't have a single picture of the beach where I swam. Blame the Canoes. Couldn't dare to let my camera get wet.

Trees pretty trees and the stream. I canoed through this thing into the small bay every day to get to the beach. Beautiful sight.

+5 )

Overall Club Amazon was relaxing. Quiet enough and fun. There are more pictures but this is all I could work on. I've crashed to the bed the day after arriving yesterday.
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1:25AM - Thursday July 27
my laptop battery is in pitiful state so this will have to be pretty quick. A good portion of anatolian side of Istanbul seems to be dark. I can see from my house an area from Bostanci to Kadikoy and to Uskudar and there isn't a single hint of light in sight. Not sure if European side has it it either. The ads might have an energy backup: and there is no bass sound coming from Bosporus in this quietness I guess some outage did occur there too. Prince Islands are definitely gone. I don't think I've seen something of this huge scale in very long time. I dare say since the 99 quake through that one was bigger then that. I don't think this is half of Turkey like that one. I see some light pollution near the horizon on east and west so I am guessing something citywide. Last time when that happened was when a transformer burst up with green sparks (which resulted in a huge number of UFO sightings in the area). If anything happened in last three years, I don't know. I've been only here for quarter of the years. Actually outages has been pretty rare. Funny with laptops I can still have computer for an hour but the modem has no electricity so I have no internet. I'll post this later when we get back to civilization. One part of me through wants this thing to last until morning, so that I won't hear the guy in the mosque screeching. Seriously, there is that one muezzin that wakes up the whole town. I normally like their calling but this one is just too loud... Arghhh...

One nice side of power outage of this scale is that you get to see stars: a lot of stars. Despite the dumb school next to my house with its generator (which by the way has a low but annoying hum) that has pretty bright lights. So stars, I think I saw at least as many as I see at Whitin Observatory back at school. Pretty stars...

Hmm still no electricity. I wonder what they burst this time or is it the whole issue about the energy centrals needing to be closing and all that junk. Can I say this government particularly sucks? Like sucking above the average....

Okay it is 1:39AM now. 14 minutes since I started this entry and my laptop pretends it has been 1 hour and 30 minutes. So time to save this entry and turn this thing off..

edit: 2:19 end of power outage. And me heading to bed


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